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Something New…Something Better

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Hi pumpkins. Take a good look at the picture. What’s the first thing you notice? It might be the well defined features of the guy in bed. It might be that “come hither” glance he’s using to try and seduce you. Or maybe you notice immediately the fact that he is all alone in that bed. What a shame… Read on and please come check out something new…something better. I don’t want to feel all alone like the guy in this bed. I need YOU. Keep reading and you’ll understand what I mean…

After much thought and consideration, I am saying a new hello to the blogging world, but goodbye to a site that has served me well. Yes, the time has come to say “farewell” to “My Life on the “G” List,” but don’t be alarmed. I have a new home that will showcase some fun new ideas and the more humorous side of myself. I invite you to come over and spread the word to your friends and acquaintances…

The title of my new blog is “What In Gay Hell?!” Come check it out and you can read the initial post to derive the new title and why I chose it. ***Note: if I had a blog link to you here, it is continued on my new site. The only exception would be if you have deleted your blog or if you haven’t posted something within the past few months. I don’t feel that linking to dormant blogs made much sense.

This blog has served its purpose, but the time has come to move on. I appreciate all of the support I got here at “My Life on the “G” List,” and look forward to your continued patronage of my new home. In the meantime, have a terrific weekend and I look forward to seeing you at the new “Rob Blog.”

Take me to: What In Gay Hell?!


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April 25, 2009 at 9:59 am

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A little something different…

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OK…not really sure if this is going to work, but I’ll give it a shot. Awhile back, some friends told me I HAD to record some songs on MySpace Karaoke. Being the Karaoke maniac that I am, I agreed I would do it. I have several songs recorded on there and I decided to include one here on my blog for your listening pleasure. Feel free to leave any comments and let me know your thoughts…but be kind. I don’t need a Simon, Paula, Kara or Randy style response to my singing. I just do it for the love of karaoke.

**Note: by clicking on the link below, you’ll be directed to a page where you can listen to my recording of “Alone” by Heart. I think you can also listen to my other recordings as well…if you are so inclined.

Happy Hump Day tomorrow…find something to hump! LOL šŸ˜‰

ALONE – as recorded by Heart

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March 31, 2009 at 10:24 pm

What’s Shakin’ My Peeps?

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A few updates on the latest developments in this thing I call my life…

So Season 8 is now well under way and we are now chiseling away at the Top 10 American Idols. At the top of my faves list this season are Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, and this incredibly talented guy…a Michigan boy himself…Matt Giraud. What I love most about Matt is that he’s humble, soft-spoken, ridiculously talented and just downright adorable.

All of that said, I’d like to bitch slap a few million American Idol voters who failed to vote for Matt this past week, assuming he did so well that plenty of others would vote for him. He should have been (and as far as I’m concerned, he WAS) in the Top 3. Instead, he was in the Bottom 3 and almost went home. That would have been a massive disappointment for me and for the show. I hope to see a little better judgment this next week. Matt deserves to stay in this competition for a long time.

Who are your Idol favorites this season? Open up, share and tell me what you think…

In other news, and I hope you’re sitting down — I finally got a call for a job interview yesterday. I know…try not to faint. It’s been forever, and while an interview doesn’t mean anything is carved in stone, it’s at least a step in the right direction and it gives me the opportunity to sell myself to this prospective employer. If I were to get this position, it would mean that I would stay in Michigan a little while longer, but I would leave the central part of the state for the more glamorous life down south in the trendy Detroit burbs. I could handle that. So wish me luck. My interview is on April 8th. Here’s hoping for the best as I wait and prepare.

Finally, by way of updates, I am presently spending some time in Illinois with my family and enjoying being with my momma and grandma and other miscellaneous family members. I got here a few days ago and will be here until April 6th. Have especially enjoyed spending time with my grandma and discussing the fascinating days of yesteryear when I was but a wee lad. She is so full of interesting memories about my childhood — things that I was either too young to remember or too embarrassed to admit I could recall. It makes for fun conversation nonetheless.

Well, that’s about it for now. Time to watch a bit more TV, chill out with my mom and just enjoy being home. Oh — and P.S. I took my mom today to see the movie “Duplicity” – the new movie with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. It’s a good show, but be prepared to really pay attention. Even a few minutes away for a potty break or to refill your popcorn bag could mean missing something really important. Oh, and the movie is worth the price of admission just to see hunky Clive with no shirt. Mmm, mmm, mmmmmmm!

Later bitches! Hugs to my peeps…

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March 28, 2009 at 9:23 pm

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You could say I’m a little obsessed…

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Well, for one maniacal, truly obsessed “TWILIGHTER” (as we fans are dubbed), March 20th can’t get here soon enough. Back in December, a bit after the initial Twilight hoopla had passed, my gal pal Becky called me up and wanted to go see the movie. My friend Jessica had told me that she was reading the book series sometime last summer, but I didn’t really think much more about it. When Becky called me about the movie, I thought, “OK, no harm in that – maybe I’ll enjoy it.” Talk about the understatement of the millennium!! If there’s a more obsessed fan of the Stephenie Meyer series out there than myself, I dare him or her to look me up. We’ll see who wins the contest.

To date, I have seen the movie now 30+ times. Yes, I admit that freely and openly. I can think of far worse addictions than something as innocent as a movie. After seeing the movie the first time I was hooked. I had to know the rest of the story. One by one, I bought and read all of the books – “Twilight,” “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” and “Breaking Dawn.” I literally couldn’t put them down. For a period of weeks beginning in January and ending sometime in early to mid-February I did nothing but read. I am now reading book two (New Moon) again. I am trying to remind myself of all the details seeing as how the next movie is scheduled to be released on November 20th this fall.

After the initial fascination with the movie, I found myself drawn back over and over again – partly because I love the story and the world of the Pacific Northwest part of the country — and partly because I think Robert Pattinson is about the most beautiful Brit I’ve ever laid eyes on. I fell in love with “Edward” from the first time I saw him in the movie and he continued to draw me back to the darkened theater for another rendezvous with my dream man – or dream vamp as it turns out. We should all be so lucky as to come across that one person we absolutely cannot live without — and who can’t exist without us. It might well be fantasy, but it’s one that became very personal to me. During a time in my life when I was feeling completely discouraged and a failure (after losing my job) I desperately needed a diversion. The Twilight Saga became that diversion and I am a different and better person because of it.

To date, I now own several posters, magazines (with Twilight related covers), specialty mags, memorabilia, trading cards and more — and I am stopping by Barnes & Noble tomorrow to pick up my copy of the Twilight Director’s Notebook being released just days before the DVD release this weekend. I mentioned some trading cards as part of my massive shrine to all things Twilight. I spent ridiculous amounts of money at Hot Topic at the local mall buying pack after pack of cards trying to get a complete 72 card set. I also got some of the rare “extra” cards that were randomly inserted in the packs. I had to buy so many packs (to get the ones I needed) that I was able to give an almost complete second set to my friend Becky so she could have a set of her own. Now, I still have a large set of extra cards I could probably start another set with just a few missing cards here and there. I think I single-handedly kept Hot Topic in business the week that I was buying my cards. I was sometimes going twice a day to buy more. I’m surprised they didn’t offer me a job so I could get a discount!

This Friday evening will find me back at that store for the official Twilight DVD Release Party. Some 200+ Twilighters will be on hand to have fun watching the film together in the store, along with refreshments, giveaways, trivia and more. It should be good fun. At the end of the evening, of course, we will all walk away with our pre-ordered copies of the special edition DVD. One of the perks ordering it from Hot Topic is that with Hot Topic being the official Twilight merchandise store, we get limited edition, numbered film cells from the movie that will be framed and inserted randomly into our DVD packaging. There are 250 different “Edward” images and I will have one of my very own.

Yes, you could say I’m a little obsessed (or a lot) and I have no problem with that. Twilight re-introduced me to the wonderful world of literature and has inspired me to find my own story – a world that maybe someday down the road will introduce readers to another wonderful world of fantasy, the likes of Harry Potter and Twilight. Friday can’t get here soon enough. The party begins officially at 10 p.m. and should be a fun evening spent with other fans who are [almost] as crazy as I am in my obsession. Bring it on!

P.S. Oh, and it case you hadn’t already noticed (as if), I think you can see where my latest inspiration for a blog header came from. Just thought I’d point out the obvious…

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March 16, 2009 at 11:46 pm

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Sending out an S.O.S.

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Hey guys! OMG, I know it’s been forever and beyond since I posted something here. I am hoping this post will get the ball (or in this case, BLOG) rolling again. In another post I’ll add in a few days, you’ll be updated (in detail) as to the reasons for my absence and what’s been going on in my ever-changing, evolving life.

For now, I am sending out an S.O.S. to my fellow bloggers. One thing I can let you in on now is that I have been unemployed since mid-October last year. It’s been a rough few months, and it seems, nationwide, that no one is immune to the economic downturn. While there are porblems everywhere, no place is quite as bad as the place I’ve called home since July 1993 – Michigan.

While I have worked incessantly to secure a different job over the past few months, the result is always the same – I keep hitting brick walls and things in Michigan are getting worse…not better. To complicate matters further, my family lives in downstate Illinois, an area that is just as bad or worse than Michigan for job prospects. I came to the realization recently that finding a new job is going to mean finding a new place in the country to call home.

That’s where you, my fellow bloggers, come in. What I am asking for is your assistance in letting me know more about you – where you live, what the economy is like there, what the job prospects look like and what the cost of living is in your respective area. If I could choose any place to live right now, specifically, it would be Portland, Oregon. I have had a love affair with the Pacific Northwest part of the country for several years now. There is so much beauty there and from a geographical standpoint, I know I would be in my version of paradise.

But this isn’t just about going where I WANT to go…it’s about survival. When I move, it must be with the knowledge that I can successfully make a life for myself wherever I go. It doesn’t make sense to move to an area where the job market is just as bad as it is here in Michigan (or, God forbid, worse). While I CAN go anywhere in the country, the direction I would like to go is west. I spent most of my childhood (well, all of it up until my high school years) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The only thing I really miss after all these years is the beauty of the area and the mountains. The weather left little to be desired. I don’t miss that…

Some other states, besides Oregon, that interest me include Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona or even south to Texas. Again, this is only based on personal desire. If the jobs and better cost of living are on the eastern seaboard, then I will need to consider that. As I said, I am willing to go wherever I have to in order to SURVIVE. So again, I’m just asking that you offer some feedback on where you live and why it might also make a good home for me.

Your assistance and input is most appreciated. This is a very big deal for me, but it’s also the start of a new adventure and the next chapter in my life. Michigan served a purpose, I don’t argue that…but it’s time to move on. Having some aide from my fellow bloggers and friends would make this much easier of a transition. Oh and for the record…because some of you are probably asking yourselves:

“Rob, what do you do?”

I have 15 years of experience as an Executive Assistant and Administrative Professional. So an area that’s ripe with admin jobs is what I’m looking for. I may very well have to look at a different line of work someday, but for now using my experience and doing what I’m good at makes the most sense. Again, thank you for your feedback and I look forward to hearing from you.

I invite you to leave feedback in the form of comments, or, if you’re so inclined and would like to elaborate a bit, feel free to email me. Hoping you’re all doing well. Take care!

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March 4, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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Oh No You Didn’t!!??

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Nothing really surprises me anymore. Just when I think people can’t get anymore ridiculous, I go into a place like Target. Last night my good friend Sarah called me and said, “Rob, I need to go shopping. What are you doing? Wanna come with me?” Of course I told her I’d go. She was gone all summer and I always enjoy spending time with her. So we hit the local mall, went to The Gap, Macy’s, grabbed some iced coffees and then went to Target. Sarah and I both love shopping there and it’s most definitely a step up from say, Wal-Mart. I detest Wal-Mart – and so does she.

The whole Target thing went really great last night until it came time to check out. All Sarah and I picked up there were movies. I specifically wanted to pick up the “Sex and the City” movie. So did she. Well then we made the mistake of going to the main movie section of the store and I found a deal too good to pass up. It was 3 movies for $9.44 packaged together…Dying Young, Hope Floats and Here On Earth. So we get up to the checkout and I put my movies on the counter.

The guy at the checkout looks them over…literally like he’s inspecting my purchase. He gets ready to put them in a bag and says, “hmmm, basically four chick flicks.” Oh no you didn’t!!?? I didn’t say anything at the time but I looked at Sarah and she looked at me with a look that said, “bitch please!” We walked out the door after she checked out and immediately I said to her, “he totally DID NOT just look at my movies and say they were four chick flicks!?!” “Um yeah, he did,” was Sarah’s response. What in gay fucking hell? Are you even kidding me right now? How dare he?!

OK – side note for all cashiers at Target and elsewhere: your job is to scan items and bag them. It is not to give a commentary on what you think about my purchases…understood? Good. Thankssssss. As we walked to the car, Sarah looked at me and said, “Rob, he’s middle-aged, fat, ugly and depressed.” She doesn’t mince words…one of the many reasons I love her. I said, “well, whatever. Maybe they are chick flicks, per se, but isn’t it MY business what I choose to watch?” We went to Barnes and Noble then and while Sarah was in the bathroom, the perfect retort came to me that I wish had come to me moments earlier at the Target checkout. What I should have said in response to the idiot was, “yeah well, I’m sensitive, I’m perfectly content in my masculinity and the fact that I’m gay is completely irrelevant…the fact that you’re an inconsiderate asshole is not!” We always think of the perfect retort after the fact, don’t we?

I would love to be able to come up with one liners and catch phrases at the drop of a hat. Alas, my mind doesn’t always work that way. But seriously, let me do my shopping in peace. I guess now I can understand why people don’t mind using the self-checkout lanes when they are available. Computers won’t comment on your purchases…they’ll just tally everything up and tell you what you owe. In any event, last night was truly a lot of fun and although it probably sounds like I was offended by what happened, I am totally just blowing smoke out my ass. It was not a big deal…just caught me off guard is all. Looking back on it now, I can laugh.

All in all, it was a fun night out with a good friend. And these days, I don’t get enough of those…

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September 24, 2008 at 10:25 am

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Hello, Old Friend…

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Today’s post is dedicated to my irreplaceable friend, Stephen. I love you buddy. Seriously. Stephen was one of the first friends I made when I was new to blogging a few years ago, and since that time we’ve remained in touch off and on. We’ve never met in person, but I feel like I know so much about him and he, likewise, knows so much about me. We might be separated by miles, but love for family and friends is not diminished by distance. Thank you, Stephen, for being such an amazing friend to me…for always being there…and for the special connection we share and will always have.

Life has gotten just a bit more than crazy and hectic lately, what with work and traveling and college classes. But how about an update on me, huh? Finally? I know, right?! Well, let’s just say I am pretty stoked about the next several months. I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but after the current fall semester is over in December, I only have two more semesters (winter and spring) to finish classes for my bachelor’s degree. It has been a very long road for me to get my degree, but I know all of the hard work and perseverance will be WORTH IT!

This time next year, I intend to be living in a different part of the state. I have always liked Grand Rapids (Michigan’s second largest city) and would someday like to maybe work for the city or state government after I complete grad school. There is a great university in Grand Rapids (Grand Valley State University) that is my grad school of choice. I recently got the paperwork to apply to their graduate program and will be taking care of that early next year. Oy, so much to do and so little time to do it. Oh, and some ask…”Rob, what will your degree be in?” When I get my bachelor’s next spring, it will be in French with a history minor. I then plan to pursue a graduate degree in Public Administration. So if you were curious, now you know. šŸ™‚

So what else is up? Oh yeah…another friggin’ birthday! It’s coming a little more quickly than I would like it to. But I guess I have no control over that. Just because I would sometimes like time to stop, I know it’s not going to. October 2 will be here soon enough…and at 4:44 p.m. (CST), I will officially be…{gulp!}…37. WTF? How did that happen? Oh well. It’s not old, so I don’t know why I get so worked up about it. I am more worried about what I’ll be facing 3 years from now… *sigh*

In other Rob news, my mom is coming for a visit to Michigan next week. I am actually going down this weekend to Illinois to travel here with her. I’ll be taking the train down Saturday and coming back with her on Sunday. I really enjoy the train. You can read, sleep, watch movies, play on your computer, have hot passionate man sex with a random hot stranger in the lavatory, you know – whatever (hehe)…and leave the driving to Amtrak. And it’s comfy to boot! It will be nice to have mom here for a week (haven’t seen her since March) and to celebrate my birthday with her. She and I and a couple of my gal pals are going to see “Mamma Mia!” on my birthday – yes, the stage version. We’ve all seen the movie, but my gal pals haven’t seen it on stage. We won’t say which time this is for me… *turns red with embarrassment* In any event, it will be a fun “girls night out!” LOL

Finally, I’ve met some really great guys…yes guys – that’s plural…over the past couple of months. It’s really cool when you can meet someone online, chat for awhile and get to know each other…then move on to phone conversations and then eventually face-to-face meetings. I don’t do it often, but recently I did with a couple of online buds. I am happy to report that both have turned out really great and it’s nice to have a couple of new great friends in my life. Oh and yes…they’re friends with benefits. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes great relationships are born from great friendships. A boy can dream I guess…

So life is good at the moment…and I am just enjoying it. Yes it gets frustrating…especially the college classes – and specifically algebra. I just despise it, I am NOT good at it, but I am DETERMINED to get through it because I have no choice. If I don’t, I won’t graduate and that is NOT an option – AT ALL! So if you hear screaming coming from the direction of Michigan, it’s probably me trying to figure out linear equations or something. Any good math people out there? Wanna be my tutor?

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September 23, 2008 at 10:55 am

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